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Storytelling can be a megaphone, a glue, or a garden shed full of seeds, shovels, and potting soil. Stories told through written word, photography, audio and interviews, videos, and art create visuals — both literally and physically — and connections. They contextualize and actualize. They tug on our heartstrings. They bind us together. They inspire action and sow the seeds of change.

Penning stories

Stories are snippets of wisdom, inspiration, and tangibility. They capture our hearts and minds, rouse our imaginations, and command our action. Written word draws us in, and leaves us wanting more. It compels us to seek out stories, and to tell our own.

Snapping photos

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos can tell and capture stories as beautifully as written word. A photo is a moment in time immortalized, and a chance to transport yourself into a story as it continues to unfold.

Uplifting voices

Stories that wouldn’t be told otherwise right from the source. Interviews from volunteers, change-makers, advocates, movers and shakers, and local knowledge holders getting a chance to be heard and celebrated.


Collaboratively working with other storytellers and creators to produce media projects that uplift voices that often go unheard or disregarded, inspire palpable action, and bring our communities closer together.